Hygge: Danish Cultural Influence

Hygge is the Danish culture of contentment, coziness and congeniality. Focusing on the simple things in life, like the ritual of storytelling. Bedtime stories with children are a great example of hygge. My father was born in Denmark.

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An engaging story about three iconic North American wild animals. Teaches children about wildlife and subtly teaches the importance of communication, diversity, problem solving, cooperation, helpfulness and sharing. Visit the Kickstarter Campaign NOW!

Children's Book Reviews

The goal is to provide reviews of books for children under 9 years of age. Focusing on children's storybooks that tell stories with well disguised underlying life lessons. Books to inspire and intrigue the minds of young children.

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Books by Kristi Nielsen will be available on Amazon (Fall 2018). We also intend to offer other selected children's books on Amazon. Watch for changes here soon.

Author, Illustrator & Editor

An Author, An Illustrator, A Mother and Grandmother, and Marketer. As with most small entrepreneurial ventures, the principal wears many hats (or faces).
Kristi Nielsen

Kristi Nielsen

Author & Illustrator

As an author and illustrator one must wear many hats. My passion for writing and desire to make a positive difference in the lives of children show in my books. (Passport photo - no smiling allowed.)


Marketing Department

Bunnies know how to propagate!

There is no question about it. There would be no sense writing a book if we didn't intend to sell many copies. And, we also recognize every child needs more books than we can ever write. Bunnies know how to reproduce, so they seemed like a good choice to manage the marketing department.


Stephanie Kruz


Hygge Stories believes editing is important. Stephanie brings a fine eye for detail. Every book written by Kristi Nielsen is edited 4 times to ensure every detail is correct. Unfortunately, many children's books are not properly edited. We believe editing matters.

Some of these testimonials are from previous writing relationships.
Cliff Siebert

Cliff Siebert

Business Owner

I have found Kristi to be a person of integrity. She is very punctual, organized, accessible and caring toward the people who have had the good fortune of meeting her.

Les Raketti

Les Raketti


With the incredible momentum she demonstrates, Kristi will do quite well in any endeavor she puts her energies into. I welcome her imminent success and wish her well.

Marg Hope

Marg Hope

Coach - Trainer - Speaker

It is my pleasure to recommend speaker, trainer, author - Kristi.
For me Kristi embodies the characteristics of a wonderful teacher, coach and motivational speaker: she has strong interpersonal communication skills, is an accomplished public speaker, has published an inspirational book and has devoted countless hours, both paid and volunteer, to help other recognize and achieve their personal best. She walks her talk, I doubt there is anything to keep Kristi from achieving whatever goals she establishes in her work and her life.

Children's Picture Books

Children`s Picture Books

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